Business Description

Chama cha Wafugaji Kiluvya – Mpiji (CHAWAKIM) Ltd was registered on 10th June 1997  vide registration  no. CR 114 by 30 dairy keepers of the wards of Tumbi, Kibamba and Kiluvya. The development objective of the founder members was to tape the strength of unity in the development of commodity value chains in the husbandry of dairy cattle, poultry, goats, sheep and rabbits for the production of milk, eggs and meat.

  • Industry Overview

Todate they have been involved in the marketing of dairy products only. They collect milk from members and non – members in the neighborhood collection centres  at Gogoni, Mailimoja, Kwa Mathias, Kongowe, Mlandizi and Bagamoyo.

In the process of collecting the milk it has been observed that there is very big potential for the expansion of milk production. The catchment area of Dar Es Salaam Pwani and part of Morogoro Regions is blessed with two rain seasons; that is the short rains between October and December and the long rains between March and June. During the rains there is plenty of pasture which with appropriate plans could be preserved for the dry periods between July and September and January and February.


  • Organization Description

CHAWAKIM Ltd is a member based primary cooperative society which was registered on 10th June 1997 by 30 initial members. By December 31st 2016 the membership had increased to 68 members of whom 41 were males and 27 were females.

The society’s registered office is Kiluvya-Madukani P.O.BOX 30871 Kibaha Pwani. The organization is governed by a Board of six (6) members including a chairman, vice chairman and four (4) members. There is a manager who is secretary to the Board.

The chairman performs executive duties. The auditors are the Cooperative Audit and Supervision Corporation (COASCO) of P.O. BOX 761 Dodoma and their bankers are CRDB Kibaha Branch and NBC Kibaha Branch.


  • Description of Products

The cooperative society; CHAWAKIM collects and sells fresh milk at farm gate and at some centres in Kibaha and Dar Es Salaam.