The quality of your milk begins at the source. CHAWAKIM Dairy milk is sourced from pre-selected cooperatives and farmers within the greater Farmers community sector. We conduct extensive quality tests on the milk at the farm level to ensure that we are starting with the highest quality product available. Due to our extensive fleet of dairy-optimized trucks, we are able to ensure the milk arrives at our factory within a few hours from the time of milking.

With our stringent quality control and tracking systems, we are able to perform quality audits that allow us to trace each unit of milk back to the farm that produced it that morning. We ensure ultimate hygiene at every step of the process, from the farm to shelf. Once the milk arrives at the factory, it undergoes further testing to ensure optimal quality in regards to health, nutrition, purity and taste. Only the highest quality milk moves on to the pasteurizing process.

Within a few more hours, the milk is packaged, loaded onto our trucks and distributed into the market. This process ensures quality and integrity at every stage of the process.