Introduction & Back Ground

1.1 Introduction

Chama cha Wafugaji Kiluvya –  Mpiji (CHAWAKIM) Ltd is desirous of developing an ultra modern milk processing plant to create a reliable market of the milk for the dairy keepers of Pwani, Dar Es Salaam and Morogoro Regions. Also by adding value to the milk commodity of dairy keepers, the factory will extend the shelf life. By extension the factory will create more employment and generate income to the existing and new dairy keepers as well as many people who will be involved directly and indirectly in the milk commodity value chain.

This business plan comprises of eight (8) brief sections which describe various aspects including:-

(a) Section 1 : This Introduction and Background
(b) Section 2 : The description of the milk commodity Business
(c) Section 3 : The production plan in the factory
(d) Section 4 : The market and competition in the milk commodity Business
(e) Section 5 : The marketing and selling plan of the factory
(f) Section 6 : The organization and management of the factory Business
(h) Section 7 : The financial plan of the factory Business
(g) Section 8 : Support Annexes


1.2 Background

Livestock keeping has been one of the main occupations of Dar Es Salaam City residents and their neighbours in the Coast Region around it. As settlements intensified in the suburbs of Ubungo, Kimara and Mbezi, dairy cattle keepers moved farther West to Kibamba, Kiluvya and Kibaha. By year 1997 the dairy cattle farmers faced many more challenges in the production and marketing of dairy products as individuals. On the production side many were forced to apply zero grazing which meant they had to cut grass from open areas to feed their cattle in doors. The more the open areas disappeared into constructed buildings; they were forced to move farther and farther away such that the costs became prohibitive. At the same time moving milk to selling centres required bulk transport instead of the small individual supplies. Through informal meetings and discussions wisdom prevailed to the extent that a few volunteers worked day and night to mobilize their colleagues to form a primary cooperative Society. The birth of Chama cha Wafugaji Kiluvya – Mpiji (CHAWAKIM) Ltd was formed and nurtured by the 30 farmers who are listed in appendex I.

The founders agreed to focus on the development objective of improving livestock husbandry for the economic emancipation and human development of their household and their neighbors. Specifically they agreed to aim at the following objectives:

  • Modernization of livestock husbandry to increase productivity of the cattle, goats, poultry, sheep and others.
  • To develop clusters and commodity value chains of livestock keepers.
  • To create a lobbying and advocacy platform for the public- private win -win relationship
  • To create a productivity capacity building platform for members and their neighbors.